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Locked Out

Why does getting locked out always seem to happen at the worst time and place?

Keys or Remotes

Lost, damaged, or malfunctioning keys or remotes?

Break-in Prevention

Concerned about your residence or vehicle being broken into when you’re away? Or worse, while your family is at home?

Forging Peace of Mind

"Security setbacks don't have to turn into catastrophes. Let us guide you to the best investment for you and your family."
Matthew Benfer
Owner/Security Specialist

Take the next step on your smart security journey.

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AUtomotive lockout

If you’ve locked yourself out of your vehicle, you may be worried that whoever comes to help could accidently:

  • crack your window,
  • scratch your paint, or
  • damage your lock.

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Unlocking Residential and Commercial

Ever been stressed out because you’re running behind schedule and locked the door with your keys inside?

  • Mishaps rarely happen at convenient times.
  • Having the correct tools and constantly training helps us keep your discomfort to a minimum.
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Originating and Duplicating Keys

Have you ever had to make a return trip because something wasn’t done correctly the first time?

  • Commercial grade machines ensure your keys are cut precisely.
  • Choosing the correct key blank ensures the key fits and works the lock the first time.
  • Key blanks are sourced via OEMs (versus through Amazon, where vendors notoriously feature automotive imitations made with junk tin alloys).

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If you’ve ever bought a vehicle with only one key or lost your second set of keys, you may be worried about:

  • losing or damaging your only key,
  • encountering a situation where you will need to loan a spare, or
  • paying too much at the dealer for foreign or high security keys.

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ALARMS / Cameras

Uneasy that someone could enter your home uninvited?

  • Let us guide you in the steps to take to secure your home.
  • Alarms help law enforcment respond faster.
  • Cameras help visually deter criminals and assist authorities in identifying suspects.

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Worried about employee access or trying to modernize your facility? Do you want to: 

  • limit individuals’ access to specific areas,
  • keep track of when people come and go, or
  • mitigate concern that assets could be at risk of being lost or stolen? 

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